Drones - The wave of the future

Over the next 5 to 10 years drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) will start to become part of our every day lives. They are already being used in many areas and providing information safely, quickly and accurately which is making them an invaluable tool in all sorts of industries.
At the moment they are being used for things like aerial surveying, photography, cinematography, building inspections and mining just to name a few. It seems that their use is ever growing and with talk of them being used to deliver parcels in the future, the sky really is the limit as far as just how useful they will be.
Australia's Civil Aviation safety body (CASA) has eluded to the fact that by 2030 if not sooner, drones will be integrated into commercial airspace along with existing manned aircraft. There is a long way to go before that happens, and we will be here along the way to share new information and insights into the industry as they arise.
If you are interested in drones and would like to know more pop in and check us out every now and then to see what nuggets we have discovered.